Hi! I'm Connie, a Hmong Graphic Designer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm pursuing a Graphic Design BFA at the University of Minnesota and expected to graduate Spring 2020. I'm a driven designer with interests in illustration, branding, packaging, and photography. I love making bold, quirky, and super colorful illustrations! My photography work is inspired by cinema, global culture and dreamy aesthetics. My work is purposeful with intentions of empowering individuals and preserving culture through graphic design. I aim to play a catalytic role to spread awareness and to create societal impact within underrepresented communities. When I am not designing, you can find me at my favorite milk tea shop or binge watching anime!
sister - daughter - aunt - friend - girlfriend - hmong - activist - art lover - feminist - fashion lover - makeup collector - model hobbyist - film lover - instagrammer - photographer - animal lover - food enthusiast - anime lover - ghibli studio obsessed - pokemon master - tattoo addict - dreamer - traveler - music lover - plant mom - nature lover - milk tea addict